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2022 in numbers and 2023 in sight

Our holiday greetings to you come from some Hoodin facts and data for 2022. It is a high-level summary of the year and more fun to be used for further analytics.

Too late to write a letter to Santa? Not at all! We invite you to be part of our first user panel for 2023, where you may share your wish list for new features and improvements to the Hoodin platform. As you probably know by now, Hoodin is a company that always seeks to be need-centric and to serve our users with the best possible experience. In order to do so, we need to know what you want the most. A button to access the user panel is found at the final part of this blog post.

2022 facts

Hoodin is all about monitoring digital sources to retrieve information and data. Besides that part Hoodin is of course about making intelligence actionable, by use of tagging, commenting, and sharing/reporting the results. The facts below are about the core and engine of Hoodin, intelligence modules, sources, and data.

User panel with 2023 in sight!

Take the opportunity and let us know what you would like to see in Hoodin during 2023! But before you do so, we would like to reveal some of the features that currently is in concept or development stage:

Advanced queries for matching words - This is a feature that has been asked for during the autumn and we look forward to releasing the feature in early 2023!

Data visualization - Identifying trends and patterns in data is a need we have identified and a feature we currently are conceptualizing. So, take the opportunity to let us know what data you would like to see and how you like to see it.

More use case templates/monitoring feeds - We are currently looking at a few more need areas, such as sustainability & legal. Let us know your needs


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