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Dive Deeper into Collaboration: Take your Surveillance Strategies to the next level

Dear Reader,

We are delighted to invite you to our upcoming webinar, "Collaboration is Key: Leveraging Teamwork for Enhanced Surveillance." This session will delve into the power of collaboration in strengthening surveillance strategies and safety practices.

Led by Expert Tobias Winstel, a renowned Global Management and Regulatory Affairs Specialist, this webinar will shed light on the significance of collaboration among regulatory affairs (RA) professionals.

By uniting RA professionals with various teams, organisations can achieve a more holistic approach to literature search and knowledge sharing. Collaboration is vital in ensuring a comprehensive and effective safety surveillance program.

🎙️ Speaker: Tobias Winstel

🗓️ When: April 4, 4pm CET / 11am EST

📍 Where: Zoom Registration

⏱️ Duration: 30 minutes


Collaboration is Key: Leveraging Teamwork for Enhanced Surveillance


Highlighting the importance of collaboration between RA professionals and other teams (e.g., medical affairs, research & development) for a more comprehensive approach to literature search and knowledge sharing.

Breaking down information silos for a stronger safety net. Discover how collaborating with other teams can optimize your literature search efforts and enhance your overall safety surveillance program.

Collaboration among RA professionals is essential for facilitating teamwork, knowledge sharing, and the enhancement of safety strategies. By working together and breaking down information silos, organisations can optimize their surveillance efforts and strengthen their overall safety surveillance program.

Join us for an insightful discussion on the importance of collaboration in regulatory affairs, and discover how teamwork can elevate surveillance strategies to new levels of effectiveness.

Warm regards,

Team Hoodin


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