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Don't make major decisions on an empty stomach

They say ”you are what you eat”, which makes sense in many ways. But it isn’t literary true since you don’t get sweater from eating loads of sugar, nor a cow from eating a hamburger. However, your nutrient levels will certainly equilibrate with that hamburger (or cow) that you are eating. In this scenario, taking care of the cattle (it’s nutritional needs, human handling, good sheltering, health care-activities to prevent common health problems like mastitis and parasites) will result in a healthy hamburger - and a healthy eater.

New study

Making a comparison between agriculture and content monitoring would appear to be far stretched at the first glance... But the fact that we make decisions and gets influenced of what we see, read and ultimately takes decisions on works the same way.

According to the new IBM Marketing Cloud Study 90% of the internet has been created since 2016. Around 200 million wearable devices were sold in 2019, that’s a 600% increase in just 3 years. Devices, people and businesses have become millions of data fabrics pumping out new insights and data on different sources every day.

More and more companies (even we at Hoodin) want’s to be in the know and up-to date with new information on markets, innovations and insights - without allocating to much resources and time on manually handle the increase volume of new data popping up on the web.

Our Solution

So, how did we overcome the challenge of eating a healthy hamburger without wasting time, worrying about nutritions and side effects? We hired our own product! Every hour and minute of the day Hoodins robots scan all the predetermined sources with the monitoring design that our specific Hoodin project is configured with.

We set up four different areas that we wanted to cover. Technology innovations (in general), Life Science innovations and regulations (in regards to being our focus industry & generating leads to our partners), Marketing insights (in regards to our marketing activities and strategy) and lastly our competitors (What can we learn, or, how can we differentiate ourselves).

New data is automatically shared to the right stakeholders trough out our internal systems like our CRM and via Slack, generating instant insights throughout the organization and simultaneously facilitates creation of reports when we audit our business strategies.

Create a data-driven culture

Creating a data driven company culture in 2020 is essential - but challenging.

You need to achieve what we call the the two Q’s; Quantity and Quality. The challenge with achieving this is that the time-variable sets in. Hundreds of hours are being spent by manually searching databases, news sites and social media. Hoodin enables the user to

spend time on analysis and evaluation and ultimately taking decisions instead.

Research appears to show us is that we seem to make poorer and more reckless choices when we are hungry. With Hoodin in your corner, you will never take decisions on an empty stomach. And you can be sure that hamburger (beef or plant) will be free from bad nutrition).

Any company or organization could do what we have done, and get instant results. If you have read this far and get the smallest feeling that saving hundreds of hours per year, getting actionable insights and stronger internal collaboration around market knowledge is a good thing. Then book a demo with one of our experts right away.

PS, no matter your food preferences, we serve all with a 14 days insights-diet for free.

Jakob Adaktusson, Hoodin


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