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Enhancements in the Data Feed for Vigilance / PMS feature

Updated: Jul 1, 2022

As of today, June 22nd, the Hoodin feature “Data Feeds” is enhanced with the ability to monitor and retrieve data for the previous 5 years.

The change in the feature means that you now will be able to retrieve historical data completely based on the need you have. You may select 1 or many years of historical data. The current year is always included in the main license, just as previously. However, since the historical data require a lot of processing and server capacity on the Hoodin system, each year and set of data will be associated with a one time cost of €10. Probably a small sum of money compared to going through a whole year's data from all of the databases that you may monitor with Hoodin.

We hope you appreciate that new feature and feel free to provide us with any feedback via this page / form:


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