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Hoodin's MEDICA Experience: Insights, Feedback, and Upgrades for the Future!

We had an absolutely incredible experience showcasing the brand-new Hoodin 360 Surveillance & Vigilance which not only allowed us to receive valuable feedback, but also enabled us to make significant improvements to our product based on the observations made by attendees.

We believe that products should always strive to improve, and Hoodin is no exception. People still generally have trouble understanding what Hoodin does and how it adds value to them.

However, when we tell our story, everyone gets it! We explain that all life science products share the need to constantly monitor and collect information for compliance documentation. The more products a company has and the more markets they sell in, the more complex it becomes to conduct efficient surveillance.

During conversations, we often ask, "Imagine your company is in the USA, but you sell products in various European countries. How do you stay updated on local regulations in Sweden?" The response is usually, "That's a big pain, especially when we don't know all those languages!” Then I respond, "Great, but that's just one thing Hoodin solves for you. Now, let's talk about post-market surveillance…”

On the other hand, the user experience was very positive. People quickly understood the view and became curious about the platform. In fact, approximately 80% of testers reacted as if they had witnessed close-up magic - their expressions were priceless!

We were thrilled to hear that so many people were impressed by the Hoodin platform. Many even deemed it one of the best things they saw at the entire fair! We want to express our gratitude for all the observations and feedback received, as they help us refine and perfect our product.

We're excited to continue the journey of enhancing the Hoodin platform for the ultimate user experience. Your thoughts and ideas are welcomed and encouraged, as we believe that continuous improvement is key to delivering the best possible product. Together, let's shape the future of compliance monitoring and post-market surveillance with Hoodin!


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