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Join us for the EU MDR & IVDR Vigilance Expert Workshop: Shedding Light on Post-Market Vigilance

Updated: Feb 15

Exciting news! We are thrilled to invite you to the upcoming EU MDR & IVDR Vigilance Expert Workshop. With already over 350 participants signed up, this event promises to be an invaluable opportunity for healthcare professionals and industry experts alike.

The Challenges of Vigilance:

If you've ever dealt with VIGILANCE, you know just how complex and time-consuming it can be. The constant monitoring of adverse events across multiple products and regions presents a significant challenge. When coupled with the delays in EUDAMED implementation and limitations of national databases, staying compliant becomes even more daunting.

Insider Tips and Techniques:

To address these challenges and provide practical solutions, we are delighted to announce that Veronika Valdova, an experienced consultant specialising in drug safety and regulatory compliance for pharmaceutical and medical device industries, will be our guest speaker. Veronika will share her insider tips on effective monitoring techniques, where to find crucial information, and how to save valuable time in the process.

Event Details:

The EU MDR & IVDR Vigilance Expert Workshop is presented by Hoodin in collaboration with Med Tech Leading Voice. The workshop is scheduled for this Wednesday, January 31st, and will be both offered live and recorded. This allows participants the flexibility to join in real-time or catch up later.

Don't Miss Out:

We cannot emphasise enough the importance of attending this special event. Vigilance is a critical aspect of post-market surveillance, and staying informed and proactive is essential for regulatory compliance. This workshop is your chance to gain valuable insights, learn practical strategies, and discover how to navigate the complexities of vigilance more effectively.

Featured Speaker: Veronika Valdova

We are privileged to have Veronika Valdova as our featured speaker for this workshop. With her extensive experience and expertise in drug safety and regulatory compliance, Veronika is well-equipped to provide guidance and share industry insights. Her practical knowledge will prove invaluable for anyone involved in post-market surveillance within the pharmaceutical and medical device industries.

Register Today:

Secure your spot now for this not-to-be-missed workshop! Registering is easy and only takes a few moments. Watch the recordings here.


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