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New sources added in January 2023

At the beginning of the year, a Hoodin user could select from some 1400 available source to monitor. Besides those, you as a Hoodin user could add any feed, facebook page, twitter handle, youtube channel or hashtag to monitor as well.

As of end of January 2023, there are some 1 500 sources available. Hoodin consider relevance as key and even though 1 500 sources might seem like a very high number of sources, they are related to various monitoring modules (templates) and your project in Hoodin would not monitor all of them by default.

During January, some 30 new sources that relates to regulatory has been activated and is available for you to monitor. Some of them are illustrated in the picture below.

Besides these, there are some new literature databases made available, some technology oriented sources and a high number of health care / health tech oriented sources.

New sources are labeled with a "new" tag so you may find them easily. Also, available sources are sorted by default in "newest" first.

Finally, we like to repeat the news that there is a new filtering tag available. You may now filter sources on "Country of origin".

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