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Top 5 videos for RAQA professionals in 2024

Updated: Apr 26

Keeping up with the latest regulations and best practices for post market surveillance  medical devices and In Vitro Diagnostics (IVD) is crucial for any manufacturer. But with so much information available, it can be hard to know where to start.

This blog post cuts through the noise and highlights the top 5 videos you should watch in 2024 to get up-to-speed on PMS for medical devices and IVD.

Here's our list:

✴️ 1. How to do Postmarketing Surveillance the right way? by Easy Medical Device

The EU MDR and IVDR is a bit more demanding on Postmarketing Surveillance. In this episode Monir El Azzouzi meet up with Steve Curran (an auditor) what they want to see and how you can avoid some mistakes that are always identified. 

✴️ 2. The Role of the Person Responsible for Regulatory Compliance (PRRC) in Medical Device Regulation by GCP-Mindset

This video dives into the significance, responsibilities, and impact of PRRCs on ensuring the safety and efficacy of medical devices across the EU. Discover how these professionals navigate the complexities of EU regulations, oversee quality management systems, and lead post-market surveillance to uphold the highest standards of patient safety. 

✴️ 3. Medical Device Regulation: Perspectives of a Notified Body with InnoScot Health

InnoScot Health, which has a strong record of protecting the interests of NHS Scotland, believes it is crucial for innovators to get the right regulatory advice, support, and signposting, and that understanding the implementation and transition plan for new medical device legislation is a key asset.

✴️ 4. Tips for improving collaboration in risk management by Let's Talk Risk!

Not really a video, but a recording of a podcast episode. However, it is very interesting to listen in on Dr. Naveen Agarwal and Bijan Elahi, addressing the importance of collaboration!

✴️ 5. RAQA Deep Dives: #1 Martin King - Demystifying the Regulatory Landscape: Building a Solid Foundation

Perhaps not entirely focused upon PMS but building a solid foundation for handling the regulatory landscape is key to reach compliance and have an efficient Post market surveillance process in place. Equipping RA professionals with a foundational understanding of the global regulatory landscape for their therapeutic area. This includes navigating regulatory agencies, understanding key regulatory pathways, and staying current with relevant regulations.

Let's get practical! Streamlining Your PMS Process with Hoodin

While the resources above provide a strong foundation, managing PMS effectively requires dedicated tools. Here's where Hoodin comes in.

Hoodin is a software solution designed to streamline various aspects of post market surveillance for medical devices and IVD. It can help you and automate tasks like:

Surveillance and vigilance on public data to reach MDR compliance | Team collaboration | Report Creations | Ai-featured analytics. 

Exploring Hoodin for Your Needs

Check out how Hoodin works here:

Then book your 14-day free trial here:


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